About Me

2019-07-14 — Written by Lance Pu

Hi there

Welcome to my portfolio 😄

A little background on myself... As you can most likely deduce, my name is Lance Pu. I migrated to the United States from China when I was twelve years old.

I've always liked to tinker with various stuff, especially electronics. That's why I was working as a IT support technician for over 3 years, solving problems and extending my knowledge along the way.

I picked up coding when I was in college, but really got into it when I was working as IT support technician, at which I need to write little programs to automate various operations and doing data manipulation. The feeling of satisfaction when I finally cracked the problem is really incredible!

My starting language was visual basic, which was integrated in Microsoft Excel. Later on I picked up Python, which I heard was the easiest language to start out. I like it very much, making small scripts and programs using Python makes me feel like a superhero.

In 2018, I enrolled into the Columbia Coding Bootcamp learning Fullstack Web Development, learning about various frameworks, libraries, tools, and how they work together. Having a structured curriculum and support from knowledgable individuals really helped me grow into a more seasoned developer.

In my free time, I enjoy playing video games, watching TV shows, traveling, and cooking.

My journey as a developer is just getting started, I have much to learn (Starting with this portfolio using Gatsby). I will be sharing my journey here, feel free to come back anytime.

Thanks for reading!